1. Walking in Downtown Dallas

  2. Tomatillo studies.  (Salsa Verde in the last, but that is still a tomatillo.)

  3. Skeleton study pencil and ink brush.

  4. Jalapeno studies just because I can.

  5. Ink on paper.  Quick sketch, no thinking involved.  I probably need to get better dreams.

  6. I will take a photo of just about anything and using anything; but, the photos are more interesting with people in it.  The only really difficult aspect of photos in Downtown Dallas is that I have to look for color.  The city seems to be in love with beige and neutral colors judging from the buildings.  

    That needs to change.

  7. Going through my files and found these.  Random shots from around Dallas taken over time.  Some might be a repost.  

  8. Some of my searching for form is taking a definite religious feel.  Probably a leftover from childhood.  For what it is worth, If this becomes a series, the title will be Fading Echos.  Other than that I am not sure where this is going.  They feels dark.

  9. Ink Study  - I call it “Ponytail”  Not exactly original, but then it is just a study.

  10. Sketchbook doodle.  Pen and ink value study

  11. Found a photo of this watercolor study I did a year age.  I had forgotten about it.


  12. This is my somewhat lame attempt at humor.

  13. Glass City.

  15. Ghost car race.  Studio shot.  Not Photoshopped.